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ATUM Solar Roof – A Roof that Generates Electricity

The world is constantly and progressively moving towards a more sustainable way of life. We’re actively seeking out things that are ‘green’, things that are ‘eco-friendly’ because we’ve realized that our resources on the planet are running out, and quickly.

Sustainability – that’s what we Visaka Industries Limited are all about. From crafting beautiful yarn out of recycled PET bottles to creating sustainable building materials to inventing ATUM Solar, the World’s 1st Electricity Generating Roof, our pursuit to protect and conserve the planet goes on.

ATUM Solar has all the benefits of a traditional roof while generating electricity for any residential, commercial, and industrial space – large or small. 

What is ATUM?

Integrated Solar roof panel on a Fibre Cement Board.

ATUM Solar is the World’s 1st Electricity Generating Roof or integrated roof(roof+solar panel).

ATUM Solar Roof serves all the functions of a traditional roof such as providing shelter, being rain, water, and hail resistant, and regulating temperature but additionally, also helps generate uninterrupted electricity for homes and businesses.

Features of ATUM Solar

  • It is a Solar Board with a density of 1300kg/cubic metre, thus increasing the lifespan
  • It has increased efficiency due to thermal conductivity of 0.072 W/mtK
  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Recover your investment in just under 5 years*
  • Energy efficient by up to 30% *more in the same space. 
  • Traditional solar panels generate 1 KW in 100 sq.ft whereas ATUM Solar can generate the same in 67 sq.ft. making it far more efficient
  • In the case of ATUM Solar, heat transfer from the roof to the bottom is minimal thereby reducing the energy usage by 6% when compared to a traditional industrial Galvalume roofing
  • It is hurricane-proof. Can withstand wind-speeds up to 250 km/h; It is ideal for places that are cyclone-prone
  • Hail and snow resistant. Can take a snow-load of up to 1000 kg/panel. So it is a great investment for those living in very cold, mountainous regions
  • Is water, fire, radiation and shock resistant
  • Generates no noise and minimizes the effect of heat and rain
  • Extremely sleek 17 mm roof
  • Weighs 22 kg/m only
  • Proved to be all-weather-resistant in Salt Mist Corrosion testing
  • Has mono perc cells that make it highly efficient
  • It is manufactured with technical expertise with patents in India, South Africa
  • A non-hazardous, green and eco-friendly product
  • Has a minimum lifespan of 25 years
  • Price is on par with traditional solar brands but with additional benefits such as:
    1. Class A Fire Rated – Neither spread nor catches fire
    2. Can withstand wind speeds up to 250 km/h
    3. Can take a snow-load of up to 1000 kg/panel
    4. All-weather resistant
    5. Leak-proof

For more information watch the video:

Source: Solarable Youtube Channel

ATUM Solar Price?

The cost of 1 kilowatt ATUM solar system is ₹ 55,000 inclusive of all equipment and installation charges. But GST (12%) and solar structure cost to be paid separately. Here the cost of a solar structure for 1 kW is around ₹ 27,000.

Where to buy ATUM Solar Roof?

If you want to buy or get ATUM Solar Panel installed, then you can contact the company’s contact number at +91 9100682886 (Sales) or go to the company’s official website ( and fill out an inquiry form. After which the support team will contact you and give you complete information.


In this blog, you have been given all the information about ATUM solar panels, by using these solar panels, you can also make your own electricity from your roof, if you like this information, then definitely tell us by commenting and for more information To see our video.

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